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Artist's Mirage
Produced by: Laurie Larson 
Vocals: Laurie Larson
Songwriting: Laurie Larson
Bass: Laurie Larson
Violin: Laurie Larson

Flute: Joy Moldenhauer

Saxophone: Jeff Humphreys
Drums and percussion: Rich McKinley, Daniel Paul, Mike Hummer
Guitar: Laurie Larson, Dan Mayhew, Denny Seefieldt, Jason Atkinson

Ed DeLucia & Jim Brady 
Keyboards: Laurie Larson, Walker Foard & Rand Gahart

Cover image: Janusz Pecak
Booklet photography & design: Laurie Larson


Laurie Larson is a true renaissance woman; she not only sings, writes, plays many different instruments, photographs and paints, but she is an astrophysicist by occupation. For her, mixing science and art makes perfect sense. 'Creativity is born from making unique connections between divergent notes, divergent arts and divergent sciences,' she says. Creativity certainly abounds on this CD. Called 'psychedelic folk-rock' by her label, the music incorporates her poetry (often resembling prayer, as in 'Sunset of the Mesa') and ethereal backup that ranges from multi-track vocals to synthesizer to sax, as in the captivating 'Feather Dancer.' With more of a New Age sound than folk, Larson's songs are daring, uniquely her own - the title cut really gets out there! Definitely worth a listen, preferably with headphones. -- NAPRA REVIEW, July, 1998

A treasure of great songwriting waiting to be discovered. She may shine through as one of America's top songwriters. -- Melgarejo Music, June, 2003

Artist's Mirage is other worldly in its texture and substance. Prepare for liftoff! -- John Sebastian, Radio Programmer July, 2003


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