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A Striking Resemblance
Produced by: Laurie Larson and Jim Brady
Vocals: Laurie Larson
Mixed by: Jim Brady, Jim Roberts (Artist's Mirage Two)
Songwriting: Laurie Larson 
Bass: Laurie Larson, Jim Brady
Violin: Laurie Larson
Drums and percussion:  Ralph Gilmore 
Guitar: Laurie Larson,

Ed DeLucia & Jim Brady 
Keyboards: Jim Roberts, Laurie Larson & Jim Brady

Album photography: Laurie Larson
Album design: Ed Unitsky, Laurie Larson


Because everyone needs an ultimate fantasy... A Striking Resemblance - Laurie Larson\'s third CD continues to build upon superb songwriting and musicianship. Unlike most albums with only one or two good tracks, each song on this CD can stand on it's own. It sounds like a greatest hits CD, but all songs were written by Laurie Larson in the last few months, with the exception of  Artist's Mirage Two - a rearrangement of the title track to her first album she wrote in (2001), and one of the counter melodies in True to Nature she wrote in (1984). The title track was featured in Relix Magazine's CD sampler in November 2008.  1 Realm was featured in Global Rhythm's Sampler & the Acoustic Rainbow sampler in 2009. A Call to Action was also placed on Global Rhythm Magazine's CD Sampler. The top notch musicians who were on her previous release, Aquila return: Ed DeLucia: Guitars -  Ralph Gilmore (Grass Roots): Drums - Jim Brady (Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt): Bass Special thanks to special guest Jim Roberts (he has produced, performed on or engineered records for Steve Walsh, John Entwistle & Leslie West. Jim plays the Hammond B3 on the first track Endless Thank You Loop and he mixed Artist's Mirage Two. The rest of the mixing was done by Jim Brady at his studio in Tucson, Arizona.

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