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Petals From July by Laurie Larson

Laurie's high octave songwriting drives her music into multi-genre soundscapes, diversifying textures and lush atmospheres-  all woven together - stretching the boundaries of  Rock and Roll. She has shared the stage and the studio with Love's Johnny Echols, Jefferson Airplane, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, George Thorogood, Country Joe & the Fish,  Scott McKenzie, Barry McGuire, Michelle Phillips, John York of the Byrds, Albert Lee and members of the Grass Roots.

Laurie has played bass, violin, keys, lead and rhythm guitar and drums on her latest album, Petals From July, as well as having wonderful guest artists, Leland Sklar, Johnny Echols, Tim Gehrt of Streets, Jim Roberts and Christopher Smith of Soul Rash, and Lon Rozelle of the Brats and Falcon Eddy.

With this, her 5th album, she has written a song for every letter of the alphabet. She also, as with all her prior albums, designed the artwork and took the photos even of herself. She has created videos as well for this album. She recorded many of the tracks and did submixes.  Those tracks were sweetened and more tracks recorded and mixed at 5450' Studios in Broomfield, CO, with more mixing at Studio 770 in Brea, CA.

Petals From July

Produced by: Laurie Larson 
Vocals: Laurie Larson

Engineering & mixing by: Jim Roberts at 5450' Studios, additional

mixing by Laurie Larson & Shantih Haast at Studio 770
Songwriting: Laurie Larson

Arranging: Laurie Larson, Jim Roberts, Christopher Smith
Bass: Leland Sklar, Laurie Larson
Violin: Laurie Larson
Drums and percussion: Tim Gehrt, Jim Roberts, Lon Rozelle, Laurie Larson
Guitar: Johnny Echols, Christopher Smith, Laurie Larson

Keyboards: Jim Roberts, Laurie Larson 

Cover & booklet photography, art & design: Laurie Larson

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