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For Your Consideration:
"Story Road" Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album  & Album of the Year

Produced by: Laurie Larson and Jim Brady
Vocals: Laurie Larson
Mixed by: Jim Brady
Songwriting: Laurie Larson, Steve Walsh
Bass: Laurie Larson, Jim Brady
Violin: Laurie Larson
Drums and percussion: Lon Rozelle, Ralph Gilmore & Kofi Baker
Guitar: Johnny Echols, Jock Bartley, Laurie Larson,

Ed DeLucia & Jim Brady 
Keyboards: Jim Roberts, Laurie Larson & Jim Brady

Cover image: Laurie Larson
Booklet photography & design: Laurie Larson

"It has been my privilege to be a part of Laurie's musical journey... stay tuned!"
- Johnny Echols (co-founder and the lead guitar player of the psychedelic rock band Love, also played with Billy Preston, Marilyn McCoo, Clarence McDonald, Glen Campbell and Miles Davis).



"Laurie's music is unlike anyone else's. It's trippy, with unexpected twists and turns that take you to other worlds, other galaxies, at times. So kick back and enjoy the trip - it's groovy, baby!"
- Lon Rozelle (The Brats / Falcon Eddy / Shine)



Story Road reached # 2 on WLFR's charts
and #18 on WUSC's charts

Thank you to the over 100
radio stations playing  Story Road:


WHFR Dearborn, MI

WMUL Huntington,WV

WMTS Murfreesboro, TN

WWUH West Hartford,CT

KCSC Chico, CA

KWSB Gunnison, CO

WSWI Evansville, IN

WNIA / Big Bang Radio  Rocky Mount, NC

KNNN Redding, CA

WDRK - Converge Radio  Eau Claire, WI

KBFT Native Radio Nett Lake, MN / KXRY Portland, OR

WVEW Brattleboro, VT

Newtown Radio Brooklyn, NY


KURA Ouray, CO

KAMP Tucson, AZ

WVMM Mechanicsburg, PA

WXCU Columbus, OH

KLCZ Lewiston, ID

WCXS - The Steel Eagle Orland Park, IL

WCSF Joliet, IL

KUMM Morris, MN

WBGU Bowling Green, OH

WOZQ Northampton, MA

WDCV Carlisle, PA

WUAG Greensboro, NC

KPSU Portland, OR

WNYO Oswego, NY

WXAV Chicago, IL

KRZA Alamosa, CO

WXCI Danbury, CT

KMUD Redway, CA

WMXM Lake Forest, IL

WFCF St. Augustine, FL

WMUH Allentown, PA

WLFR Galloway, NJ

WCNI New London, CT

WCVF Fredonia, NY

WDWN Auburn, NY

WESU Middletown, CT

WDCE Richmond, VA

WUDR Dayton, OH

CHMR St John’s NF

WUSC Columbia, SC

WCCH Holyoke, MA

KXSU Seattle, WA

KFAI Minneapolis, MN

WODU Norfolk, VA

WIIT Chicago, IL

WUVT Blacksburg, VA

KRNU Lincoln, NE

KSDB Manhattan, KS

KUCR Riverside, CA

KDUP Portland, OR

KLPI  Ruston, LA

WXOU Rochester, MI

KVRX Austin, TX

WAWL Chattanooga, TN

KRKQ Ouray, CO

WERA  Arlington, VA

CHIRP Chicago, IL

WLAS / Lasell College Radio Newton, MA

KRFP / Radio Free Moscow Moscow, ID

WLOY Baltimore, MD

WBTV Burlington, VT

KCOD // CoachellaFM  Palm Desert, CA

KRJF Santa Rosa, CA

Inhailer Radio  Cincinnati, OH

WSCA  Portsmouth, NH

KBLU / Aggie Radio Logan, UT

KXFM Laguna Beach, CA

Radio Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ

KMUZ Salem, OR

CIUT Toronto, ON

Radio Depaul / WRDP Chicago, IL

WSOE  Elon, NC

KRUX Las Cruces, NM

WDBM East Lansing, MI

WMCO New Concord, OH

WHRW Endicott, NY

WICB Ithaca, NY

Twirl Radio, Sacramento, CA

Hamilton Radio, Robbinsville Township, NJ

Deep Nuggets Radio, Atlanta, GA

Woody Radio, Chicago, IL

Psychedelic Psoul Radio, Los Angeles, CA


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