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Produced by: Laurie Larson 
Vocals: Laurie Larson
Engineering & mixing by: Jim Roberts at 5450' Studios, additional mixing by Laurie Larson & Shantih Haast at Studio 770

Mastering: Shantih Haast
Songwriting: Laurie Larson

Arranging: Laurie Larson, Jim Roberts, Christopher Smith
Bass: Leland Sklar, Laurie Larson
Violin: Laurie Larson
Drums and percussion: Tim Gehrt, Jim Roberts, Lon Rozelle, Laurie Larson
Guitar: Johnny Echols, Christopher Smith, Laurie Larson
Keyboards: Jim Roberts, Laurie Larson 

Cover & booklet photography, art & design: Laurie Larson



1. Petals From July

2. Just Above the Flood

3. Quest For You

4. Yours Again

5.  X's & O's

6.  Venus Rising

7.  Antares Arrow

8. King's Ridge

9. Still Here

10. Nightbreak Serenade


"A lot of Laurie's music is avant-guard,  almost jazz-like in its complexity.  She did a great job on this album, and I'm so proud of her. This might just be her breakthrough album." - Johnny Echols



Petals From July

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