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Once in a Blue Moon

Every now and then I will write a blog, and this time it is once in a Blue Moon. I've always loved looking up at the moon, I have recently written a song about it. It's actually a love song between the Earth and the Moon. I hope to release it in the next few months! Here are the lyrics:

Drawn to You

My path was laid before me A small speck in a sparkling sea Already so drawn to you Moon Stands Still Every second - every day My curved path only looks your way I fall closer, drawn to you

Moon Stands Still

You won't see my dark side Only the light I won't hide So locked in, drawn to you Moon Stands Still All I can do is rise your tide But at the same time I step aside With each pull, drawn to you Moon Stands Still

But you keep moving faster But to me you're always my master Still falling, still drawn to you Moon Stands Still

Tell me I'm your only moon That you like this phase and make your heart swoon Drawn to you another 30 days Moon Stands Still

This morning it was so nice to see the metamorphosis of the blue moon into the blood red eclipse. It was much better than I thought from my location. I only got to witness the prelude into the full eclipse, then watched the encore fade into the impending dawn.

And a few more photos of the full eclipse:

The last lunar eclipse I got to photograph was April 15, 2015, that appeared after sunset, a few of my photos from that event:

Rising through the clouds, the eclipse was already in process in Sedona, Arizona

Spooky clouds halfway through make it look like the darkness has the moon in its grasp.

The last photo is upside down as it was taken through my 6 inch dobsonian telescope.

May the moonlight always bring you peace ~~~~~~~Laurie

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