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The Microphone goes to Church

Thanks to 5450' Studios and Jim Roberts, my vocals are sounding better than ever! Jim chose a microphone for my voice that is not only perfect for Easter weekend but records the softer elements of my voice and holy moly it is so much better. Frank Sinatra's mic was a U48. Jim Roberts went to a recording session where Al Schmitt picked the Church mic over Frank's U48. Read more about Al Schmitt's Microphone techniques here (an 18 time Grammy winner). Jim's Church mic was made by Dave Pearlman, who also made them for Capitol Records. Jim contacted Dave right after that session and purchased a demo unit Jackson Browne had used. So I got to sing through Jackson Browne's mic! It really catches some of the nuances that got lost in translation on my prior albums. Oh and Leland Sklar of course played on Jackson's albums. My favorite Jackson Browne song:

Jim told me the story of the microphones, only a handful were made from a modified U47. Stanley Church was Chief Sound Engineer for the famed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Sound Department in the '50s. They bought a then-new Telefunken-badged Neumann U 47 but the mic generated too much noise & the output was too hot for their equipment However, they loved the sound qualities of the mic, as its presence peak and sensitivity. They modified a handful of these to make the best of both worlds. Read more about the Church mic here:

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