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Selfie of Laurie Larson

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laurie Larson released her 4th studio album "Story Road" in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. She draws her inspiration from the desert landscapes and her many career paths in astronomy, radio, photography, art and public service. "No matter how diverse my interests are, I always find a common thread that unites them all. I never cease to be surprised by it." says Larson.

Photo of Steve Walsh by Laurie Larson

It's the high octane songwriting that drives this record up the charts and onto radio station playlists. Steve Walsh (lead singer/keyboardist/songwriter for Kansas) let Laurie cover two of his songs on the album. His engineer Jim Roberts also plays Hammond B3 on the title track. Larson wrote all the other eight tracks on "Story Road". Larson also met more of her rock idols onstage and in her own audience along the Sunset Strip when she played clubs there, like the Whisky A-Go Go. She also got to pay tribute to many artists, including being invited to play a tribute concert for singer/songwriter Scott McKenzie. "That meant a lot to me, starting the tribute off and being in the encore with Barry McGuire, John York of the Byrds, and Michelle Phillips, particularly since Scott's hit "San Francisco" was #1 in the U.K. the day I was born." Larson recalls. She bridges the best from rock's past with new music sensibility in her live performances and well as in the studio.

In fact a song on this album, "Break Your Silence" was written by Larson onstage at the Whisky just feeding off the vibe and the young audience there. "People were clapping along and being my percussion session and singing along. They were thrilled to be a part of live creating right there in the club. I just loved it!" Larson exclaims. Some of her rock heroes also play on this album. "I never could have dreamt that artists I adored as a teenager would eventually play on songs I wrote myself or let me record their tunes, it's surreal and I am still pinching myself! I am so honored!" she says. Johnny Echols of Love plays lead guitar on the title track, "Break Your Silence", "Drawn to you (Moon Stands Still)" & "Zodiac Dance".

Photo of Johnny Echols by: Laurie Larson

In "Zodiac Dance" Larson used actual NASA recorded sounds of all the planets and the sun throughout the recording. Lon Rozelle of The Brats and Falcon Eddy also played drums and percussion on that track, the title track, "Break Your Silence", & "Drawn to you (Moon Stands Still)". Ralph Gilmore of the Grass Roots played drums on all the other tracks.

Photo of Jock Bartley and Mark Andes by: Laurie Larson

Jock Bartley of Firefall played lead and rhythm guitar on the Steve Walsh penned track, "The River". Over 100 terrestrial and online radio stations are playing tracks off the album "Story Road". Five tracks from the album are approaching 100,000 spins each on Spotify. The album has also landed the #2 spot on New Jersey's WLFR's chart and #18 on South Carolina's WUSC's chart. The album was officially added to over 10 CORE AAA radio stations. Larson plays bass, violin, guitar, keys and sings her way through each chapter of "Story Road". You'll want to get onboard for the road trip...hit it!


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