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Review from En Tijuana Hay Rock

Laurie Larson is an artist who has surprised us with her steps in different paths, and music is no exception. With the recent stories that are happening with the hostilities in Ukraine that could escalate even more, she has decided to send a message through the reissue of the Light Of Freedom, where her voice and an intense electric guitar star in a call for

la paz y la libertad, included on her album Aquila. The artist was born in Montana and lives in Arizona and previously California. Since she was a child she was interested in music through learning multiple instruments, but the bass is her preference. Until now, she has not stopped presenting music, having a long discography in which, in addition to being a singer-songwriter, she has been in charge of production and the arrangements. Her path goes through rock with country and even progressive touches, it is worth mentioning that she is the founder of the Progressive Rock Hall of Fame.

Not only has she appeared in music, but also in the visual arts such as painting and photography, she has also ventured into the radio behind the microphone and in the programming of stations. She has participated in various ways in the political arena and has been part of government educational programs, in addition to her passion for astronomy.



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