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Trying to "sus" it out...

There's always a lot of song parts laying around that I have written. This year I decided to take 4 of the most promising pieces and make 4 songs to complete my Story Road album. Much of what I write is hard to categorize and sometimes hard to play, even though I insist it must be easy if I can do it. I like to "make up" chords too, and mess with rhythms and time signatures. This makes it very hard to put a band together or even get people to play in the studio and usually drives my engineer crazy. So then I end up playing all the parts, and then try to coax someone to play on the tunes. It's always been pretty much impossible to get a drummer. Lon Rozelle played all 4 tracks in one or two takes and we were done before noon in the studio! Then a week later Johnny Echols also got my tunes done in one or two takes playing amazing leads, key rhythm parts and figuring out my "made up" chords - When Johnny said oh that's a

B dim sus 13 my engineer turned around and said, "Typical Laurie" and laughed.

To say I am excited about my album, Story Road would be an understatement. I didn't think I had anymore songs in me, but these may be my best. I am so honored L.A. came to me on my turf. Both Lon and Johnny driving all the way from Los Angeles to the studio in Tucson, and then they played the perfect parts! I have some other special guests on it too and can't wait to share that with you soon. Johnny also fixed my bass, adjusting the neck and sanding the frets so it is easier to play, he fixed my mandolin and two other guitars also. My musical life will be so much easier. I am so happy to have such talented and kind friends. Thanks so much for your support!

I will be mixing the album at the end of July and hope to have it released in August.


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